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The La Vernia Alumni Association welcomes graduates of La Vernia High School, as well as non-graduates who attended La Vernia High School for at least one year and all present and former members of the faculty, administration and school board.​

The La Vernia Alumni Association (LVAA) was established in 2017 as a voice for La Vernia Alumni and to focus on five key goals:

  • To promote the legacy of La Vernia High School (LVHS) and its graduates

  • To serve as an advocate for LVHS within the broader community

  • To award scholarships annually to qualified LVHS student applicants

  • To encourage a continuing relationship between alumni and the District

  • To organize alumni activities and support class reunions

How We Give Back...

As La Vernia Alumni, it is important for us to be able to give back to our community, school and local organizations that support our mission.  We have been fortunate to give back to these organizations and event since we started the Alumni Association:


  • Senior Scholarships


  • Senior Scholarships

  • La Vernia Livestock Show

  • Sara Strey Memorial

  • Michael James Memorial

  • Feed the Bears

  • Teacher Appreciation Luncheon

  • Boys Basketball Program

  • LV AGS Steer & Heifer Show

  • La Vernia Education Foundation


  • Senior Scholarships

  • La Vernia Livestock Show

  • Michael James Memorial

  • La Vernia Education Foundation

  • La Vernia Little League

  • St. Ann's Youth Teen Color Fun Run



More info coming soon!

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