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One of the best ways La Vernia Alumni can have an impact on current students and our community in La Vernia is by giving.  Many of us can likely recall the generosity of a community member during our time in La Vernia ISD – whether that be in the form of scholarships we received, the purchase of our stockshow animals, donations to clubs or the school, or even through our school or student-led fundraisers. 


The La Vernia Alumni Association was formed in 2017 with the purpose of promoting the legacy of LVHS and its graduates, to serve as an advocate for LVHS, to award annual scholarships to qualified LVHS students, to encourage continuing relationship between alumni and the District, and to organize alumni activities.  In 2019, the Association supported the purchase of project animals at the La Vernia Junior Livestock Show, as well as completed a successful fundraiser to support the high school basketball team.  The La Vernia Alumni Association would not be able to support these endeavors without our community members, and YOU, the Alumni.  If you are a graduate of La Vernia High School, membership in the La Vernia Alumni Association is free.  However, the Association is pleased to now offer an additional level of membership and means of support.




As a Sapphire Member, you will receive a La Vernia Alumni Association Sapphire Member car decal, as well as recognition on the La Vernia Alumni Association website and recognition at alumni events.  


Gifts of any amount are appreciated!

The minimum donation to become a Sapphire Member is $50.  With this prestigious level of membership, you play a leading role in helping the Association provide thousands of dollars to La Vernia ISD in the form of scholarships, donations to student organizations, to our community and much, much more.  In the past two years alone, through fundraising efforts, the Association has donated more than $15,000 to the school and its students.  The Sapphire Membership provides an avenue for Alumni to make a meaningful difference. 


Sapphire Membership donations can be made on our website (right).  

Your car decal will be mailed to the address you provide.


Car decal artwork and design courtesy of Allison Freeman, ‘13





Mark & Karen Koepp

Jennifer Kneupper Millar, Class of 1996

Shawn Ellis Kokemor, Class of 1996

Chesney Steffen McQueen, Class of 1999

Shawn Strey, Class of 1984

Elaine Luddeke Steffen, Class of 1979

Keith Burg, Class of 1983

Amanda Steffen Meeks, Class of 2001

Janelle Linne Larrison, Class of 1976

Karen Burg Sells, Class of 1981

Bryan McWhorter, Class of 1997

Tiffany Muzny Steubing, Class of 1996

Charles Kappmeyer, Class of 2012

Joyce Kotzur Kneupper, Class of 1970

Wendy Bordner Pruitt, Class of 1990

James Zuehl, Class of 1990

Anna Waltisperger, Class of 1966

Leanne Luddeke Roseland, Class of 2000

Kristi Donahoe Javior, Class of 1997

Cody Doege, Class of 1989

Scott Borlinghaus, Class of 1995

Jamie Kolodziej Waltisperger, Class of 1998

Karin Strey Carpenter, Class of 1992

Donna Moore Gott, Class of 1969

Susan Duelm Richter, Class of 1972

Beverly Felts Zuehl, Class of 1965

Larry Dylla, Class of 1960

Keith Burg, Class of 1983

Debra Moak Dever, Class of 1971

Caleb Bierstedt, Class of 1994

Sarah Melenesk Young, Class of 1970

Robert Young, Class of 1971

Tracey Young Krenek, Class of 1997

Mike Coulter, Class of 1996

Jennifer Neal, Class of 2000

Justin Gordon, Class of 2000

Shelly Dieckow Halsey, Class of 1995

Kristin Balcar Morrow, Class of 1999

Jennifer Kosub Borlinghaus, Class of 1995

Kyle Koepp, Class of 2001

Jenni Klein Koepp, Class of 2000

Michael Grohman, Class of 1989

Mike Cantu, Class of 1989

Michele Ranney James, Class of 1989

Joseph Sears, Class of 1999

Donald Schroeder, Class of 1995

William Dylla, Class of 1994

South Roots Realty, Lindsey Strickland, Class of 2002

John Kelly, Jr., Class of 1995

Clint Doege, Class of 2001

Brandon Allen, Class of 1999

Paul Dylla, Class of 1964

Tommy Kotzur, Class of 1989

Keith Collins, Class of 1989

Kaleb Collins, Class of 2019

Kim Doyon Hill, Class of 2003

Chris Hill, Class of 2002

Joe Stanush, Class of 2002

Leevi McBee, Class of 1996

Kortney Black, Class of 2008

Debbie Stanush Bennett, Class of 1995

Kasie Fey Tankersley, Class of 2002

Catrice James, Class of 2015

Michelle James, Class of 1989

Mike Cantu, Class of 1989

Chase James, Class of 2011

Emilie Downey, Class of 2014

Cody Jean Brewton, Class of 1993

Chad Kosub, Class of 1990

Carolyn Greinke Weidner, Class of 1969

Sharon Shaw Pierdolla, Class of 1970

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